Meet the writers

Jenna Bergendahl is a homeschooling mom of three in Minneapolis. She loves biking, camping with her husband and kids, and staying up late reading sci-fi novels. In 2018 she’s taking on a zero waste challenge, trying out veganism, and catching up on old episodes of Game of Thrones. She’s also the editor of Zeroish.

Meredith Hanson lives on six acres of land in rural Minnesota with her husband, three kids, nine chickens, and six guinea fowl. She loves running through the woods, digging her fingers in the dirt, and making things with her hands. In 2018 she’ll be learning to live a more zero waste lifestyle, trying to feed her family on veggies grown in the backyard, and making rather than buying just about whatever she needs.

Kate Marnach recently moved to the Minneapolis suburbs with her husband and three kids after ten years of city living, and she’s still adjusting.  She has a background in biology and a passion for helping the environment, but unexpected health challenges several years ago ultimately set her on a path toward clean eating and zero-waste living. She enjoys spending time outside with her family, hiking, traveling, and staying up way too late (because that’s when the house is finally quiet). In 2018, Kate is hoping to show that even suburbanites can live zeroish waste lifestyles. She also plans to continue her minimalism journey, learn to be a more productive gardener, and join a gym for the free childcare.