2018 Zeroish Challenges

Can people with kids and a budget actually go zero waste? Or at least zeroish? We’re about to find out.

Three families. Three different challenges. One year.

Jenna Bergendahl + Family (Minneapolis, MN)

Jenna’s family wants to buy nothing new in 2018 and reduce their garbage to no more than 22 pounds of trash a season, the average amount of garbage an American family of five throws away in a day. (That’s about one kitchen garbage bag.) They plan to keep track of their trash and weigh in four times over 2018: March, June, September, and December. These city-dwellers want to live sustainably in their community, biking and using public transport, eating locally-grown food, and looking to their community to borrow or buy secondhand rather than purchase new. 

Meredith Hanson + Family (rural Minnesota)

In 2018, Meredith’s family of five will try to fit all of the garbage they create for the whole year into a single kitchen garbage bag. They will work together to change their buying habits and find ways to live more with less — less stuff, less waste, less guilt. This family of DIYers will try to make what they need for themselves and find creative solutions to live lighter on the planet.

Kate Marnach + Family (suburban Minneapolis)

Kate’s family will challenge themselves to reduce their trash output by at least 50% by weight throughout 2018. Each month they will implement a new strategy aimed at reducing waste and see how effective they are. It can be a challenge to find community resources to reduce waste in the suburbs, but they will seek out and utilize as many as they can to aid in their efforts. They will also DIY what they can, grow some of their own food, and continue on their journey of living more intentionally with less stuff.