Zeroish was created by three moms in Minnesota who were inspired by the zero waste movement. We wanted to reduce our household waste but couldn’t see how. With kids, budgets, and cellophane-wrapped produce everywhere, was it possible for a Midwestern family to go zero waste? Or at least zeroish?

In 2018 we decided to find out.

This blog grew out of our belief that sustainable living is for everyone. We don’t all have access to the money, time, and resources that make it easy to go green. But there are tons of super important things we can do that:

  • are good for the environment
  • make us happier + healthier
  • don’t require a second (or third) job or a 48-hour day to accomplish

So while we chronicle our zeroish challenges, we’re here to help you plan and implement your own.

From zero waste hacks to spotlights on people being kind to the Earth, we’re here to inspire and support a movement of environmentalists that includes everyone.

Ready to join us? Here’s what you can do…

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