As humans, we are extremely influenced by those around us.

It’s in our nature.

When you surround yourself with people who live a healthy lifestyle, or live in a community with a strong focus on being green, it can really rub off on you, whether you’re conscious of it or not.

Conversely, it can be difficult to be successful with endeavors like going zero waste, when people around you aren’t as into it.

At times, you might feel like you’re the only one out there who is trying. Or quite honestly, like no one else gives a crap about the Earth, pollution, chemicals in our food, excessive waste, etc.

Over five years ago, I made a drastic change in the way that I ate, due to health problems I was experiencing. I adopted a Paleo style of eating, which entails being gluten-free, dairy-free, low/no grains, and not eating any meat or eggs that aren’t grass-fed/free-range/humanely-raised (no, I’m not vegan–gasp!).

As a result, I felt amazing for the first time in a long time, and most of my health issues either improved or completely went away.

It was, quite honestly, essential to my health and well-being at the time (and to this day).

I was, however, met with a fair amount of criticism for being “picky”, blank stares when I asked if there were gluten free options, and difficulty finding the types of foods I needed to be eating. At the time, most of these concepts were pretty new and totally out of the norm.

Thankfully, I lived in a very progressive city, so I found my people who understood and supported it, and had my co-ops that carried basically everything I needed to buy to sustain my new eating habits.

I definitely felt more confident and able to make these important changes being surrounded by a culture that supported healthy living and unique lifestyles, which had rubbed off on me.

But there was also an unintended side effect of this new lifestyle.

I helped influence people around me to change.

My husband, partly because he had no choice than to eat what I cooked, happily changed the way he ate, too. He even started reading the paleo books, got really inspired by it, and dropped all the extra weight he had slowly put on over the few years prior. My mom, partly prompted by realizing she had been lactose-intolerant for the past 20+ years, slowly made changes to the way she ate to resemble how I was eating. Even my doctors were intrigued to know how I had improved my condition without taking medication.

And through talking about it, I found current and new friends that had begun making similar changes, and we supported and encouraged each other to continue.

I’ve realized over the years, that the choices you make for your health or the things you believe in can be quite challenging at times and you can feel very alone.

You may not live in a very progressive, eco-friendly community, and you may not have a support system that even knows what zero waste is. But don’t let that stop you.

Keep bringing your reusable produce bags and containers to the store even if no one else is. Shop second-hand with pride. Reduce your consumption and only buy what is important, despite cultural pressure to do the opposite.

I promise you, someone notices and is being inspired.

Sustainable living is a lot easier when you’re part of a community. We created Zeroish to support each other in doing things that are are good for the environment, make us happier + healthier, and don’t require a second (or third) job or a 48-hour day to accomplish.

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Kate Marnach recently moved to the Minneapolis suburbs with her husband and three kids after ten years of city living, and she’s still adjusting. She has a background in biology and a passion for helping the environment, but unexpected health challenges several years ago ultimately set her on a path toward clean eating and zero-waste living. She enjoys spending time outside with her family, hiking, traveling, and staying up way too late (because that’s when the house is finally quiet). In 2018, Kate is hoping to show that even suburbanites can live zeroish waste lifestyles. She also plans to continue her minimalism journey, learn to be a more productive gardener, and join a gym for the free childcare.


  1. Kate, you blog is so mucu speaking from my heart! Me and my husband also adopted a clean paleo-like eating lifestyle, after searching for solutions for our health problems. We too have never fealt better and are making our way to improve our conditions. And we have been shifting zero waste for some years! We are totally experiencing the separation in our circles of friends and even family because of all that! But going our way nonetheless and teaching our son why are we making choises we do. But yes, we even discussed moving to places that are more progressive in these directions and rather joining a community that is already the same mind set…The social media community is great 🙂 thank you for the nice blog!

    1. Thank you and congratulations on both bettering your health and this planet!😊 I live in a much less progressive area right now so I can relate to the challenges for sure, but I just keep on going because I know it’s what’s best for me, my family, and the environment. I also found a lot of support in the online world and social media! So my advice is just keep on doing what works and is important to you and don’t worry about what other people think…eventually they’ll catch on (hopefully)😉

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