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We are so glad you are here and interested in joining us on the path to a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle. We started this site to help encourage people and families to begin (or continue) to make smarter choices when it comes to our carbon footprint and lifestyle, and their effects on our environment.

We are three moms from Minnesota, who independently began our journeys toward zero waste living in our own ways.  But what we have in common, is that we all care deeply for the environment and want to do our part to create a better planet for ourselves and future generations.  We have seen the detrimental effects that our convenience-based, hyper-consuming, excessively wasteful culture has had on our planet and our health, even in our short lifetimes.  We recognize that something needs to be done to minimize the environmental damage and change the way people live, and that each one of us can do our part, in our own ways.

I know the three of us agree that seeing the zero waste movement gain more and more participants has been extremely exciting and inspiring, and we could not be more supportive of those who have led the way to becoming completely zero waste. It inspires us to see people produce only a jar of trash in a year, successfully live off-grid, or own less than 100 possessions. We actively seek out healthy recipe ideas, plastic alternatives, and ways to limit our consumption.

The problem we’ve encountered, is that it also, at times, has felt very overwhelming and impossible to incorporate all of these tactics into our lives.  How do we go from a full garbage can every week to a mason jar of trash in a year?! How do we succeed at zero waste, healthy grocery shopping if we don’t have a bulk or health food store within a 30 mile radius?  How can we eat healthy, sustainable food if we are terrible cooks?  How can we be zero waste if we have kids?  (Because, let’s be honest, sometimes it feels like kids should just come with a trash can attached to them.) Rather than give up, we knew we could do something more to help people like us.  

This is where Zeroish was born. We are here to be the voice for the imperfect, but aspiring zero-wasters. For the people who want to make big changes, but need to start with baby steps.  For the people who have no choice but to shop at Target or WalMart for groceries and need to know what the best options there might be. For the parents out there who feel that zero-waste must only be for the kid-less folks. We want to help you! 

We want you to know that it can be done and you can make changes now that will fit into your life without much shock to your routine. And we can say from experience, that as you make small changes, it is amazing how quickly you will adjust and become inspired to make more and more sustainable, healthy choices. And you may even inspire the people around you!

No matter where you are on your journey, or how “big” you feel you can go, we are glad you are here to join us on our way to sustainable, zero waste living (or at least zeroish!).

Kate Marnach recently moved to the Minneapolis suburbs with her husband and three kids after ten years of city living, and she’s still adjusting. She has a background in biology and a passion for helping the environment, but unexpected health challenges several years ago ultimately set her on a path toward clean eating and zero-waste living. She enjoys spending time outside with her family, hiking, traveling, and staying up way too late (because that’s when the house is finally quiet). In 2018, Kate is hoping to show that even suburbanites can live zeroish waste lifestyles. She also plans to continue her minimalism journey, learn to be a more productive gardener, and join a gym for the free childcare.

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